South Korea 1951 Daegu area during the Korean war 1950 - 1953

The video shows the patients at Taegu National Relief Hospital. They arrived by train from Seoul a journey which lasted 2 to 3 days. Rasmus Movin was a surgeon there. Read more in the book A Danish Doctor in Love and War. Please see for more info.

This picture is taken by Rasmus on August 1, 1951 when General Ridgway visisted the Danish Hospitalship Jutlandia while she was docked in Yokohama. The crew members lean over the railing trying to catch a glimpse of the General and his beautiful wife . They had been onboard the ship to meet all patients on board . The shipped sailed for Singapore right after their visit.

Jutlandia in Busan/Pusan harbour July 1951 South Korea.

The Razz Collection is produced in memory of Rasmus Movin who left a beautiful collection of film and pictures from his time in South Korea in 1951.I have chosen to make the most interesting pictures and quotes available in a series which I hope you will like. The picture above is from November 2015 when we traveled in his footsteps in Korea, Seoul. The collection also features drawings by his son Claes Movin and others. The picture above shows his grandson named after him Rasmus Movin.

Rasmus Movin in action Taegu National relief Hospital Korea, 1951.For more see

Our dog -Mr. Clinton- this is my favorite picture- I hope you will enjoy it. Drawing by Claes Movin.

Part of the crew from Jutlandia is sailed ashore summer 1951 South Korea port city Busan/Pusan. Rasmus holds a camera left in the picture.

Rasmus sister actress Lisbeth Movin.